Enjoy “Tax Free Day” in August – Check here for the dates in your state!

If you didn’t know, August has a bunch of “Tax Free Days” in select states.  Each state has different details.  So make sure you head to this page to see how your state does their own Tax Free Day.  Here are a list of participating states and when it starts:

Alabama August 3-5

Arkansas August 4-5

Connecticut August 19-25

Florida August 3-5

Georgia August 10-11

Iowa August 3-4

Louisiana August 3-4

Maryland August 12-18

Missouri August 3-5

New Mexico August 3-5

North Carolina August 3-5

Oklahoma August 3-5

South Carolina August 3-5

Tennessee August 3-5

Texas August 17-19

Virginia August 3-5

(Thanks The Coupon Challenge for the info!)

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